As an active member of the Phoenix chapter of the Independent Electrical Contractors Association (IECA) K2 utilizes their apprenticeship program and various other electrical education and safety courses.

The IECA Apprenticeship Program is a state and federally approved program that includes on the job training along with in-classroom lectures and demonstrations. It is a four year program that focuses on all the aspects of being a commercial electrician so that by the end of the program students are qualified journeyman electricians. K2 strongly encourages any employees with limited experience to go through the program. To date K2 has had 25+ employees enter the program.

In addition to the Apprenticeship Program, IECA offers continuing education courses that cover both field and office related subjects. K2 consistently enrolls its employees in these various classes along with IECA’s safety related classes. In order to achieve our goal for ZERO accidents we put our journeyman and foreman through the IECA CPR training course and Lockout/Tagout course.

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